Engine (Sepolia)

Deploying to Testnet

Watch this 5 minute Loom video describes the basics of getting setup on our Art Blocks contract.

The smart contract is deployed on the Sepolia testnet which uses "fake" ETH to pay for transactions. You can request Sepolia ETH from:

Infura: https://www.infura.io/faucet/sepolia

  1. Visit the staging home page: https://artist-staging.artblocks.io/.

  2. Connect your wallet associated with the artist address you provided to the Bright Moments team and sign the nonce to connect to the Art Blocks staging website.

  3. Visit your project’s test environment by going to the Sepolia URL, replacing the last field (PROJECT-ID) with your Project ID: https://sepolia-artist-staging.artblocks.io/engine/fullyonchain/projects/0x8651eFeBA58F94A3785113B6Bc60a50Aa305df4c/PROJECT-ID

  4. Edit the project fields.

  5. Upload your project script.

Minting to Testnet

  1. Input the following:

    • Base price in display unit = 0

    • Max invocations = Any number, i'd recommend well above 100 for testing

  2. Connect to Etherscan using your artist ETH wallet

  3. Find Write function 3) _purchase

  4. Input the following:

    • _purchase = 0

    • _projectId = <PROJECT-ID>

    • coreContract = 0x8651eFeBA58F94A3785113B6Bc60a50Aa305df4c

  5. Click "Write" and confirm the transaction in your ETH wallet

  6. Once you are satisfied with the outputs, notify the Bright Moments team in Discord that you would like to get set up with a project shell on mainnet.

Contract Details

  • Testnet (Sepolia)

    • Core Contract: 0x8651eFeBA58F94A3785113B6Bc60a50Aa305df4c

    • Minter Contract: 0xA84E2eFFfCFd1cbE01785Bd10aaEE520A68CD3DD

Art Blocks Artist Interface

To view your project interface, replace (<PROJECT-ID>) with your Project ID.

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