Remote vs. Delegate Minting

Remote Minting

Remote minting is eligible for anyone who holds an ERC721 Golden Token London. Remote minting is not available for winners of the CryptoCitizen minting reservation airdrop or community nomination process.

If a Golden Token London holder is unable to come to London IRL during the month of July, they are able to request a remote mint through Remote mints are executed by the Bright Moments team.

The Bright Moments team will execute all remote mint requests no later than July 31st, the last day of live minting in London. The Bright Moments team will attempt to execute remote mints at a regular cadence across July but due to the nature of our events, IRL mints are prioritized.

Delegate Minting

Anyone who won a CryptoLondoner minting reservation and is unable to come to London in person may use a delegate to mint IRL.

In order to delegate mint, the winner of a CryptoLondoner minting reservations must schedule a minting time on the Bright Moments portal at Scheduling through the portal will generate a QR code which can be sent to the delegate as an image. When the delegate arrives, they will scan the QR code to trigger the minting of a CryptoLondoner to the wallet that initially scheduled the appointment. At no point will the delegate have access to the minted NFT – the transfer is handled automatically through a smart contract.

The Bright Moments Team is not able to facilitate Delegate Mints (i.e. we cannot delegate mint for you). If you need a delegate to attend the London Minting on your behalf you can look for community members to help in the Bright Moments discord in the #find-a-delegate channel.

Any unscheduled reservations or no-show appointments will be reassigned to collectors who are able to attend London Minting IRL. All minting reservations expire at the end of July.

For delegate minters that are minting multiple CryptoLondoners on behalf of community members, we will allow delegates to go through physical experience once per person. The Bright Moments team will mint all of the remaining delegate QR codes at the end of the experience, before the delegate leaves the gallery.

Due to logistical constraints, we are not able to ship any physical items (e.g. Bright Moments Quarterly) provided to IRL minters. If you are planning to have your delegate ship items to you, please open a ticket in #help to let the team know that we should provide the delegate with a physical gift bag. Unless specifically requested by the owner of the CryptoCitizen, delegate minters will not receive a physical gift bag for mints performed on behalf of another person.

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