Bright Moments
Beginning with our Galacticans forming the DAO and creating the idea to mint NFTs in the most epic IRL events, Bright Moments plan is to go to 9 cities around the world. Thus far, Venice and New York are complete.
Berlin in March 2022.
London in July 2022.
The rest is still unwritten. All CryptoCitizen holders will help to write this story by voting, minting, and joining the world tour.
For each new city we enter, starting with CryptoBerliners, we will be distributing 1,000 Golden Tokens to mint as follows:
  • 334/1000 will be reserved for the local IRL community
  • 333/1000 will be distributed to existing CryptoCitizens probabilistically
  • 333/1000 will be sold to fund the project roadmap
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