Token Gating

Token gating is how we determine who gets priority when demand is greater than supply.

There are two aspects to consider when implementing a token gating strategy: how and who.


We can segment our community into several groups that gradually increase in size.

  1. Ultra Full Set holders are the most exclusive. Ultra Full Set holders are wallets that hold one CryptoCitizen of each background from all cities. Since you need 40 NFTs (4 backgrounds x 10 cities) to be an Ultra Full Set holder, there can only be at most 250 wallets that meet this criteria.

  2. Full Set Holders have the next priority. Full Set Holders are wallets that have at least one minted CryptoCitizen from each city. There can be at most 1,000 wallets that meet the Full Set holder critera.

  3. CryptoCitizens are next. We can further break down CryptoCitizens into two groups: specific cities and all cities. If we need to segment the CryptoCitizen community for a sale, we can do it by city (e.g. CryptoVenetians, CryptoNewYorkers, etc). For example, since there are only 1,000 CryptoCitizens of each city, CryptoNewYorker holders might get access first before it moves to the rest of the CryptoCitizen holders. There will be 10,000 CryptoCitizens total.

Sometimes when structuring a drop with an artist we will include holders of their previous collections in our token gating mechanism (e.g. Fidenza holders with Incomplete Control). In these situations, we typically look at the number of items and slot them into the most similar sized access group (e.g. if an artist has a previous collection with 500 items, then we would slot them into the CryptoCitizen city access group).


For sales, we implement token gating through discounts and early access.

Discounts are used during dutch auctions. Giving certain buyers a discount to the final sellout price of an auction is equivalent to giving them early access to a fixed price sale, since they can buy earlier in the auction while maintaining the same cost basis.

Early access is used during fixed price sales. Early access helps give certain traunches of buyers the ability to purchase before others and helps avoid a race to press the button.

To help discourage people from splitting assets across wallets, we allow buyers to "stack" discounts and early access purchases. For example, if you are holding n Full Sets, you are eligible to make up to n purchases with the discount or during the early access purchase window. However, discounts don't stack in magnitude; if you are holding two Full Sets that give you 20% discount on two purchases, you can't buy once for a 40% discount.

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