Scheduling and Remote Minting Instructions

London Collection Mint Pass Scheduling

To schedule an appointment to mint, visit and connect your wallet holding the Mint Pass NFT. You should see the Mint Passes appear in the “Upcoming” section of the portal.

Once you schedule your mint, the Mint Pass NFT will leave your wallet. This is expected, and it means that your reservation is confirmed on-chain. This transaction is irreversible.

Remote Minting

Remote minting is eligible for anyone who holds an ERC721 Mint Pass. To request a remote mint, check the “Mint remotely” box during the scheduling process.

If a collector is unable to come to London IRL during the month of July, they are able to request a remote mint through Remote mints are executed by the Bright Moments team.

The Bright Moments team will execute all remote mint by the end of the artist’s exhibition window in July. If you have scheduled a remote mint through the Bright Moments portal, the minted NFT will show up directly in your wallet. Due to the nature of the transfer, it may appear in your Hidden tab on OpenSea.

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