What are community nominations?

Community nominations are a way for you as a local to become part of the Bright Moments DAO by live minting a Crypto Citizen with us during one of our city collection shows.

City meetups are announced via our Discord, Twitter and Farcaster in the weeks leading up to the main city event. During these meetups, members of the core Bright Moments team can be approached and you can nominate yourself to mint a CryptoCitizen. There are a few different ways to be nominated:

  • Consistently attend meetups and help to create a positive atmosphere

  • Describe yourself, and how you can contribute to the DAO moving forwards

  • Speak with a team member about receiving a nomination form

Once you have nominated yourself, you will need to fill in a form with information about yourself.

After completing the form, we will announce the vote. During the vote, existing DAO members will allocate you points. If you receive enough points, you will receive an appointment to mint a CryptoCitizen. Appointments can be redeemed via our portal

What different Bright Moments events are there?

There are a few different types of Bright Moments events. They are detailed below:

  • City events: these are our main roadmap events. Each city has a corresponding CryptoCitizen collection. These are the cities we have been to so far. Click on each city to view the corresponding CryptoCitizen collection.

  • Meetups: these are our regualr Thursday events in each city we have a presence in. Each city has a sub DAO that organises these events. The best place to find out about these is on our luma or in our Discord

  • Community grant: these are events hosted by existing community members using our community grants program. The best place to find out about these is via your local Bright Moments community. These have been successful in places such as Madrid, Hong Kong and London.

What options do I have during a Bright Moments event?

A mint pass grants you the opportunity to mint an artist's piece. For instance, during Bright Moments Paris, there are 19 artists, divided into 12 Generative and 7 AI artists. Mint passes are sold via Dutch Auction, initially randomized, and later assigned numbers before a reveal event where each number is associated with an artist's name. This offers collectors the chance to assemble a full set of unique artists.

A Golden Token allows you to mint a CryptoCitizen at the event. Once you possess a Golden Token, you can participate in the live minting process for your local CryptoCitizen. Golden Tokens are sold via auction leading up to the city event, such as the example of a Buenos Aires Golden Token.

One of the most exciting things about attending a Bright Moments city event is the opportunity to live mint either a CryptoCitizen or a piece of artwork. Live minting means you attend the event with a mint pass, and during the event your mint pass is turned into a piece of artwork that did not exist before you attended the event. Mint passes and Golden Tokens can be purchased via the Bright Moments portal during auctions. Auctions usually run in the months leading up to the cities and last anywhere between 1 hour and a few days. Live sales can be found on the portal

Where can I get involved with the DAO?

Your collection, governance proposals, upcoming auctions and onchain actions can be taken on the Bright Moments Portal

To keep up to date on meetups, events and community grants keep an eye on our Discord

To keep up to date on events, our event calendar can be found on luma

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