Mexico City Sale Eligibility


  • What: 283 Golden Tokens Mexico City available for purchase

  • Where: The Bright Moments marketplace

  • When: Tuesday, July 26th beginning at 11:00am PT, 14:00 ET, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CET.

  • How: Fixed price sale with pre-sale windows for Full Set Holders and CryptoCitizens

GTMX Sale Eligibility

  • Full Set Holders have an exclusive presale window beginning at 11a PT

  • CryptoCitizen, GTLN, or on-chain appointment holders have a presale window, beginning at 11:30a PT

Full Set Definition

A full set is defined by a wallet or wallets holding at least token from each of the categories above. A full set can be distributed across multiple wallets only if the owner can prove ownership of those wallets via an on-chain txn.

Full Sets must be held during the snapshot and cannot change wallets after the snapshot has taken place. For example, a Full Set cannot be distributed across multiple wallets to allow the owner to be eligible for both the Full Set and the CryptoCitizen snapshot. This prevents Full Set holders from double dipping and having ~5x the allocation.

CryptoCitizen Definition

CryptoCitizens are defined as token IDs within the contract and ranges defined above. Any wallet holding a valid CryptoCitizen token is eligible for the pre-sale.

Golden Token London Definition

Golden Tokens are mint passes that convert to CryptoCitizens, and as such are counted as a valid CryptoCitizen for the purpose of this sale. Golden Token London are found at contract address 0xc2a3c3543701009d36c0357177a62e0f6459e8a9.

On-Chain Reservation

Any address with a valid on-chain reservation booked through our live mint contract are eligible for the CryptoCitizen definition or the Full Set if the reservation is in lieu of a CryptoLondoner. The Live Mint contract is found at 0xBAc93dB39A4d4ec2c679582c6519B8cba018Dc92 and addresses that have successfully submitted a transaction calling the Redeem GT, Redeem QR, or Redeem QR Allocation methods are considered on-chain reservation holders.


Q: I have a CryptoCitizen from every city (e.g. CryptoGalacticans, CryptoVenetians, CryptoNewYorkers, CryptoBerliners, CryptoLondoners). Do I get any special benefits?

A: Full Set holders have an exclusive pre-sale window for GTMX beginning at 11a PT. During this window, only wallets that held a CryptoCitizen from each city will be able to purchase a GTMX.

Q: I have a full set, but it’s split across multiple wallets. Am I still eligible?

A: Yes, as long as the Citizens were owned prior to the snapshot. If you have Citizens spread across multiple wallets, please open a ticket in #help and we will work with you to prove ownership of the tokens.

Q: How do I know if I made it onto the snapshot brightlist?

A: We will be posting a list of eligible wallet addresses ~48 hours prior to the sale. You should review the list to make sure the proper wallet is reflected.

Q: If I buy a full set of Citizens right now can I still be eligible for the presale window?

A: Nope. The snapshot happened on Tuesday, July 19th. We intentionally timed the snapshot shortly after the eligibility criteria to give existing holders enough time to consolidate their mints, but not enough time to encourage FOMO buying.

Q: I have a full set of CryptoCitizens. How many GTMX can I buy during the presale?

A: Full Set holders will be able to purchase up to 1 GTMX during the exclusive full set holder presale, plus an additional GTMX when the CryptoCitizen presale window opens, for a total of two GTMX total.

Q: I hold my Citizens in a hardware wallet, but want to mint from a hot wallet. How can I do this?

A: Open a ticket in 🙋|help channel in the Bright Moments Discord. We’ll ask you to verify ownership of the hardware wallet. You will need to choose which wallet is reflected on the brightlist.

Q: I have a full set, except I have a GTLN / minting appointment instead of a Londoner. Am I still eligible?

A: Yes, we consider GTLN and on-chain minting appointments to be equivalent to a minted Londoner for the purpose of this eligibility criteria. To verify that your wallet was properly added, make sure to review the published list of addresses on the brightlist before the sale date.

Q: I have a CryptoCitizen, but not a full set. What does that get me?

A: CryptoCitizens have a pre-sale window prior to the public sale of GTMX tokens. Based on a preliminary review of the number of wallets that meet our snapshot eligibility, there won’t be a sellout of GTMX tokens during the Full Set pre-sale. However, since there are more CryptoCitizen holders than GTMX tokens available, not every Citizen is guaranteed to receive a token. To participate in the sale, make sure you are available to mint at the time that the pre-sale window opens and that you have enough ETH in your wallet to mint.

Q: How much will the GTMX token cost?

A: 3 ETH for CryptoCitizens, 4 ETH for public sale.

Q: How does this fit into the Mexico City collection drop?

A: To participate in the Mexico City collection sale, you will need to hold at least one CryptoCitizen and a GTMX. All GTMX holders will be reserved at least one Mint Pass in the sale, with the option to purchase more via a dutch auction.

Full Set holders will be able to purchase a limited number of Mint Packs in the dutch auction.

Q: If I hold a CryptoCitizen am I guaranteed to get a GTMX in the presale?

A: No. Since there are more CryptoCitizens than GTMX tokens, simply being a Citizen holder does not guarantee you the chance to purchase a GTMX token. However, there will be additional opportunities to receive a CryptoMexas, including an airdrop of minting reservations to holders prior to the event.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t reflected here.

A: Please open a ticket in the 🙋|help channel in the Bright Moments Discord.

Mexico City Sale

  • What: 517 Mint Passes (417 Individual Mint Passes, 100 Mint Passes Sold as 10 Mint Packs)

  • Where: Bright Moments marketplace

  • When: September 16th at 10a PT

  • How: Token-gated dutch auction with a rebate for Mint Pass buyers at the clearing price

Mexico City Collection Sale Eligibility

  • Dutch Auction

    • Mint Pass: Wallets holding at least 1 CryptoCitizen AND at least 1 GTMX token may participate in the dutch auction

    • Mint Pack: Wallets holding at least 1 GTMX AND at least 1 CryptoCitizen from each city may participate in the dutch auction

  • Reserved Mint Passes: Wallets holding at least 1 GTMX may purchase at most 1 Mint Pass per GTMX after the dutch auction has concluded. The claim window for this option to purchase must be exercised within a specified time window, otherwise it will expire and reserved tokens will be eligible for redistribution by Bright Moments.


Q: This is a lot of information. What do I need to do to buy a mint pass?

A: You must hold at least 1 CryptoCitizen and a GTMX. This gives you 1 guaranteed option to purchase a Mint Pass and the option to purchase up to two more in the dutch auction. If you'd prefer just to buy on secondary, you can wait until the dutch auction has ended and see if someone lists their Mint Pass.

Q: Do I get to pick which artist Mint Pass I'm buying in the dutch auction?

A: No. You will be assigned a random Mint Pass with an artist ID 1-10. After the dutch auction has ended, but before the event, we will reveal the artists associated with each Mint Pass.

Q: What happens to unclaimed Mint Pass Purchase Options?

A: Unclaimed Mint Pass Purchase Options will expire at 12:00p PT on September 30th, 2022. Holders of GTMX + CryptoCitizens at that time will be eligible to opt-in to a random airdrop of the remaining Purchase Options.

Q: I just want to buy one Mint Pass for each artist. How can I do that?

A: To be eligible to buy a Mint Pack (1 Mint Pass from each artist) in the dutch auction, you must hold a GTMX and a CryptoCitizen from each city. There are 10 Mint Packs that will be available for purchase in the DA.

Q: Did I miss the snapshot for the Mint Pass sale?

A: No, the snapshot for the Mint Pass sale has not yet happened and will be taken at 10:00p PT on Thursday, September 15th.

Q: If I want to purchase >3 Mint Passes, what do I need to hold?

A: There is now an eligibility calculator available at

The allocation for the DA is calculated based on each pair of CryptoCitizen + GTMX held by a wallet. The reserved Mint Pass is calculated based on each GTMX held by a wallet.

The table below outlines some common scenarios to help calculate the number of Mint Passes a single wallet can purchase in the DA or from the reserved allocation.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t reflected here.

A: Please open a ticket in the 🙋|help channel in the Bright Moments Discord.


*Stolen Venetians are not considered eligible.

**OR GTLN OR On-Chain Minting Appointment

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