Community Nominations Round 2



Quick R.

Love NFTs :-) Seths rocks! BM DAO GMI.


Evi M.

I joined the NFT space for the art (as an artist), but stayed for the community! I've been helping run the community at NF

TUK, assisting our founder Mila in all things digital (POAPs, Discord, Virtual Events). Building and maintaining a community is so valuable and I strive to keep people engaged, as well as onboarding non-crypto natives into our crazy world!

I am also a Core Contributor at Protein DAO, and have experience in participating in building projects and voting through tokens. I'd love to be a member of Bright Moments to offer my expertise in building artistic community, recognising the importance of IRL, and of course, I love the pixel art!!


Rolo C.

I took my first steps into web3 during the height of pandemic and ventured into NFTs towards the back end of last year after some deeper research and understanding. I quickly realised how much more interesting trading NFTs were than trading numbers. I want to see an expansion and building of a tight knit community within my region and make connections with like-minded individuals.


Rafael F.

Rafael is a courious mind and eager to dive into the web3 space & engage in the bright moments community. Since visiting the Kraftwerk event in Berlin and experiencing the creative power that was brought by Bright Moments to the city, he felt like he wanted to be part of this in his own city. He would be a perfect addition to the DAO as a CryptoLondoner since he is a tech-savvy & humble guy that welcomes new people with open arms.


Shiva S.

I'm passionate about modern art and fashion. I found out about Bright Moments just recently. I've been in crypto and NFT's for a couple of months and I think your project is very unique. The idea with IRL-minting is just so cool! I hope that I will be able to learn a lot from you and meet all the exciting people!


Simone H.

Be apart of the dao <3


Rohit S.

I am the CEO of ArtBrowser TV, an on demand streaming channel for visual arts - think Netflix meets MTV for arts:

I am also Londoner and looking to connect with interesting people in the Web3 space and thus interested in joining Bright Moments DAO and becoming a CryptoLondoner.


Byron G.

I'm a South African who moved to London two weeks ago. I work at a startup that builds platforms that enables NFT projects to deliver utility to their holders.I've been involved in NFTs and helping out on projects for over a year now and I've loved every second. I haven't experienced community like this before and it's amazing how everyone is willing to help each other and grow together. I've been following Bright Moments for a while and I've loved what you guys have done with the irl minting events. You're making the process a memorable experience and your last event in Berlin was crazy. The size of that venue and the whole minting process excites me for what's to come. Even if I don't get picked, I will still be at the events watching everyone mint their Londoners. These are the events and projects that will shape the way the space does things and I'd love to be a part of it. It would be an honor to be a CryptoLondoner!


Maya P.



Ronak P.

I have a background in automotive and have lived in London most of my life, really excited by this project


William V.

I currently work in the Electric Vehicle space and have taken a huge interest in the future of the world and what NFT's can do to help society. I am struggling to find the right community to be part of and also which events to attend IRL. I am so happy to have attended my first BM event and loved the community and hope I get the chance to join and learn from this group and also get the ability to contribute to it to.


Adam D.

Hey, I'm Adam. Founder of 7 start-ups and looking to grow my skills and knowledge in the NFT space. Really looking for a community to be a part of and somewhere I can learn from and contribute too.


Emma T.

Hello CryptoCitizens. I am Emma, an enthusiastic NFT collector and trader along with my dad and I love the community that CC are building. I am working in finance in Web2, but would so love to dive into the NFT space further to learn and develop my skillset. I would also love to meet a few more woman in the space, and grow my NFT community.


Nadine B.

Hey, my name is Nadine. I live in London where I work in a startup. I got to know NFTs through a few friends (that are actually also owners of the BrightMoments CryptoCitizens) and although I am not too knowledgable about it just yet I am excited to dive deeper into it. I actually also went to the brightmoments Event in Berlin when I visited my sister there, so already had some contact with the project. The event was epic! Would be really glad to join this exclusive community and hodl a CryptoCitizen!


Yemi F.

I'm a London-based musician with an interest in crypto technology currently working as the product manager for an NFT/music company (the perfect job I know!).

I got into crypto back in 2017 following conversations with a university colleague who was doing his thesis on it. Fast forward 5 years and I'm exploring the potential of NFTs to become a primary source of income for talented artists across my home community of London.

I attended the initial Bright Moments event in London earlier this year and was excited to share a drink with London's community of crypto heads, which is very hard to come by IRL! Bright Moments is undeniably seeking to push the boundaries of generative art alongside their journey to mint 10K cryptocitizens , and I would be extremely thrilled to join the Bright Moments DAO and become a certified CryptoLondoner.


James T.

Hello I’m James. I’ve been working in web 2 for a long time and am desperate to transition into web 3 and NFT’s and so when I saw this event and the opportunity to get involved in a community, I jumped straight in. I would love to be involved, learn and grow a community in the space.


Medina H.

I'm a marketing manager and have been working in the luxury fashion space for several years. Recently I discovered NFT's as a new possible paradigm shift in the digital luxury fashion world and I would be more than happy to join the Bright Moments DAO to learn more about this new technology. I'm looking forward to connect with likeminded people and contribute to the community!


Anda Z.

Crypto citizen


Ashley B.

I have a background in marketing and I’m interested in continuing to learn about the world of crypto that I have recently developed a passion for


Femi A

I’m a long time crypto enthusiast from London currently building a wallet at X. I've been following Bright Moments and the Citizens project for a while and was thrilled when I saw that you were coming to London; l'm excited about being part of the community here.

Fun Fact: I attended the initial meet-ups you had here (proud double POAP owner) but forgot to hit submit on the first form 😅


Jacob S.

I’m a data specialist working in sustainability and it really doesn’t become more 21st century than that. Unless I was a non-binary tick tocker making 100k a year


Shadi P.

Background: Crypto since 16’ and first DAO. Raised $240 mil for various projects. Now focus on building DAOs and core ETH infra. Also lots of twitter shit posting. Why Bright Moments? LIKEMINDED COMMUNITY


Andrew L.

Hi! I’m Andrew, I’m a London based Optometrist and Artist! Extremely excited to meet more NFT artists


Lucyna O.

I am new in NFT and I would like to find out more and raise my knowledge in this area and it will be amazing if this community can help me. I am crypto citizen


Alex M.

Hi, I’m really interested in joining Bright Moments DAO, coming from a family of artists and falling down crypto rabbit hole back in 2020, I’ve naturally been fascinated by NFTs and particular love how bright moments have been bringing people together in real life. Regarding background, I studied engineering and currently working for a global management consulting firm. What also excites me is seeing how this technology could be applied to the problems I see at work.

The future looks bright!


Alfred B.

I found out about this through a friend I met at DeSci Berlin, and I’m really excited about all the different use cases of NFTs! From culture to science - a friend of mine minted a garment on the meta verse linked to an exact irl piece, this is just one of the examples that’s inspired me to get involved in this space and connect with like minded people. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the innovative products that come from this space!


Kasey T.

I have always been interested in NFTs as I feel like it’s a fun way to collect pieces of art digitally. I am also attracted by the utilities and collecting NFTs as a fun and creative investment.



Chief Vibes Officer


Souad L.

I’m souad born in Morocco but I grow up in Spain. I’m a fashion designer and I like art. I love your collection of NFT.


Sidsel L.

"I’m Sidsel [sizzle] and I'm originally from Denmark but I've lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Dublin and I’ve been calling London my home for 3 years ❤️

I’ve been in building blockchain products since 2016 and my latest “experiment” is a learn-to-earn platform allowing people to discover opportunities to get involved with DAOs.

My long term goal is to empower more people to have meaningful lives and I’ve spent the past 8 months as an aspiring founder, nomadic degen, and DAO contributor. A new friend recently called me a “central node” and it’s probably the best compliment you could give me because I live for connecting people - and there’s nothing that would make me prouder than joining Bright Moments representing my city London 👋🏻"


Jing Z.

Ex fashion/culture editor, Editor & journalist on luxury & web3/NFTs. Consultant & advisor for fashion/art NFT companies (BNV & Another-1). Lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, now London & Porto based. Advocate of diversity & women in Web3. I’d like to join Bright Moments as I see this as an exciting & compelling community advocating for a better future in the creativity industries through the power of blockchain and decentralisation!


Kalios C.

Crypto citizen


Ravinder N.

New to NFT but interested to learn more, own many other shares. My son has NFT and spoke highly of this community, and I feel excited to get involved and be onboarded to this initiative. Live in London and work in IT for an airline, have 2 sons.


Manvir N.

I live in London. I work in cybersecurity and love technology. My brother is part of this community and has got me interested in NFTs. I have been part of the crypto world since 2 years ago holding ETH. But NFts are the next step for me and I am excited to get involved. This is my first NFT event and wish to come to many more in the future


Wilson F.

I was born and bred in London. I have become Wilson (@flufworld) and part of the underground 0xThulu. I love the creativity and brilliance of the people in this space. Excited to see artists get the support they deserve and to meet up IRL. My name is actually Karen, but it’s being abused globally. So just call me Wilson


Kurt L.

I’m a Product Manager at Deliveroo, a food tech company in the UK. I look after pricing and other marketplace algorithms. I’ve been part time going deep into Web3 for about 9 months now. Have established an investment DAO with my close network and excited to join Bright Moments to meet more collectors (especially in IRL)


Marco L.

Originally from Germany, am half-Indian, half-Italian. Spent the last years building an AI startup in Real Estate and scaling it to 180 people and raising over $30m in VC. Been deep diving into NFTs over the last year and now want to build a new venture in the space. I’d like to join Bright Moments DAO to meet like-minded people and contribute as much as I can:)


Stephan K.

Coming out of Sports Business and initially got into crypto/Web3/NFT for investments purposes - stayed for the communities and possibilities it'll bring to people all over the world


Jay P.

I’m a time based artist.


Jason B.

Investing and working in web3 (Argent)


Alex M.

bd manager in cex


Alejandro R.

NFT artist, I’ve exhibited NFT_NYC , BZL, spoken at Bright Moments and the artist that created the first official John Lennon & Paul McCartney NFT drop. I love building community and supporting other artists. I did it in music as a partner at Winston House in Venice Beach and I am from London so will be able to represent and connect in my home town. Thank You.


Rohan N.

Hi, I’m a Londoner studying in Berlin who initially got introduced to this great project in Berlin. I would love to get a Crypto Citizen that represents the city I grew up in and love.


John S.

I am a resident of South London, who is very interested in the future of finance and the power of DeFi to change the world of art and music. The opportunity to democratize wealth through art will be ground breaking. I plan to use Bright Moments as an opportunity to educate my kids who are interested in NFTs having learned about them on YouTube.


Breagha C.

I run DASL - The Digital Art Salon London - connecting likeminded digital enthusiasts in london and globally


Lor L.

Art student. Very new to this whole NFT thing and probably know a lot less about NFTs than any other nominees, but I would absolutely love to learn. So far I’m just reading everything, watching Gary Vee’s videos on YouTube and hopefully CryptoLondoner will be my very first nft. Thank you for the opportunity!


Olena L.

My name is Olena, I arrived to London as a refugee from Ukraine under “The Homes for Ukraine” scheme. Currently live here with my sponsors. I learned about NFTs back home when one of my favorite singers Alyona Alyona sold her song as nft. Back home I worked in advertising, and currently I’m still figuring out my life in the UK and hope to return home soon once the war is over. I’ve been attending nft meetups in London and learning a lot. Hope I will get a chance to mint a Londoner


Benji K.

I am London born and bred. Having grown up in London and now a fixture in the London digital art and NFT space, working for Phillips Auction House - I feel I can add value and experience to the community.


Tony T.

I'm the Managing Director of Outernet Arts, a new 250,000 sq/mt development in central London which will host the largest wrap-around 32K LED screens in the world. I run a digital arts programme which looks to commission artists to exhibit on the screens and raise money for art and cultural communities in the UK. I'm interested in Bright Moments previous exhibitions, artist programme and contribution to the digital arts, and would like to see what potential there would be in partnerships.


Rian T.

I am a beginner in world of crypto and nfts, however; I am eager and excited to learn more about this space as the global rise and opportunity to network with like minded people captivates me.


Riandeep D.

I am from London and currently a student. I heard about this through telling a friend that I wanted to know more about crypto and NFTs and they told me about the events in London after they attended an event in another city. I feel that becoming a cryptoLondoner would be a great way to learn more about this growing area and help me find out more about something I don’t know a lot about. Being involved in this area will give me a greater push to explore more around this world and help me become more active within this space in the future.


Carlo D.

I am crazy creative discovering new worlds in space. I’ve been in finance for 30 + and I seen 3 big waves of technology which change my world 3 times over and now I think this one is going to change the world of my son…so I need to be switched on otherwise I won’t be able to talk to him!


Sussan M.

I’m in marketing and creative. I love art in any form or shape!


Gina E.

New to this world - crypto curious. But working in a DAO org


Daoud A.

Interested in decentralisation and giving ownership back to creators and artists. Want to learn more and very interested in the potential art and music


Afaq T.

"I work at a PE Firm as a CFO and based in London. I enjoy meeting new people, learn from them and share my experiences and I have a big passion for health and fitness and love playing tennis.

I am particularly interested in Joining Bright Moments DAO and becoming a CryptoLondon because I love the idea around which this community is created and the experiences in provides IRL is something I really like.

I am passionate about the NFT space and keen to learn more and share my knowledge with the community wherever I can. IRL meetups happening in London on Thursday every week have been a great opportunity to learn about Bright Moments and the community and I have been part of it since the first meetup."


Siggi E.

Artist in the NFT space, former Londoner looking to connect back via crypto


Leslie N.

Co-founder AI start-up 'Humanising Autonomy', very excited about web3 developments and keen to connect with more people locally.


Jorge L.

I’m a fine artist (painter, performer) that creates artworks and art experiences with the aim of awakening humanity’s full potential. Joining Bright Moments DAO would allow me to meet some genuine and and real community, but also to bring onboard my art performances expertise which would take these IRL events to a new immersive level.


Kam T.

Artist and collector


Ben D.

Been into crypto for 11 yrs, nfts for 2 years. I am now trying to be an artist too. Love it


Dina A.

Been living in London for the last 10 years, and have experience working in the traditional art industry for the last 7. Excited about NFTs and curious to learn more and join the community.

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