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Random Image Generator

The "Random Image Generator" can be used in case that there is a batch of pre-rendered images.
The script is specific for the Artblocks Flex Engine and pulls images down from an folder hosted IPFS by Brightmoments.
  • The artist must provide images uploaded via google drive
  • The images are then hosted on IPFS via the Brightmoments Pinata account
  • Once images are hosted, The following snippet code can be added onto the AB test/mainnet:
    • This code is written using p5.js, so please ensure that this has been set in the AB config.
    • On the snippet, CID must be replaced with the CID of the hosted folder
    • Please ensure that the variable totalImages is the correct edition size
    • Please also ensure that tokenId is removed from line 30 and that
      is replaced with
      as per the comments on the snippet
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