Community Nominations Round 1

Please note: the first 21 nominations are early London community members and supporters of CryptoCitizen community who attended the first local meetups and received POAPs (proof of attendance).



Nuno P.

I’m a creative from London and I’d love a chance to represent my city. I have a degree in Fashion, I am currently writing screen plays, and want to take this into web3. I look forward to networking at the Bright moments events and connecting with the local and international community.


Si S.

Liverpool native living in London, I’m an artist with 7 Styles: JPEG. GIF. MP4. WAV. Ink. Paint. Clay. Makes art about people and creatures. Ideas come from nature, ancient tales and current affairs. A world full of truth, mystery and lies. I poke fun at the powerful. I sit and stare at the Sea. Different formats open up different styles. There’s something elusive about the process that turns digital art into something I can touch, then bounce it back into the computer. Drawn to digital because I can draw anywhere and transmit quickly. There’s a variety of tools and it’s easy to experiment with.

I want to join Bright Moments DAO because there’s a massive shift towards international artistic and tech collaboration in crypto. I haven’t seen this before in the traditional art world, where it can be difficult to connect with the gatekeepers. I think joining the story of the DAO is a great way to build relationships with people I wouldn’t have normally met and learn about their culture and creativity. Plus I can share my skills and knowledge with others.


An N

Here's a short bit about me - born in NZ to Vietnamese refugees, raised in Australia, and lived all around the world but shamefully can only manage to speak English with any level of proficiency. I've worked in a bunch of companies across Asia and Europe with a background in finance, consulting and operations.

More recently, I've been running a VC-backed tech scale-up here in London looking to fix the shit childcare system that we have in the UK - I suspect this resonates with all the UK parents in the group.

I stumbled into crypto and web3 towards the back half of 2021 (which was a terrible time to start DCA'ing - shrug) and have caught the bug ever since. I heard about Bright Moments from a podcast with philm (DAO the Rabbit Hole), and loved the intersection of IRL experiences and NFT art. It just made sense. So I immediately jumped onto the BM Discord and contributed to the London channel. I organised the first meet-up in London (#pirate-not-cowboy-hat), have met some fantastic people through BM here in London and Berlin, and look forward to getting stuck in. I'm also loving all of the experimentation happening here with DAOs and think BM are really onto something with a clear misson and buckets of good intention and vibes from the team.

London is my home, so it would be the bee's knees to be the proud owner of a CryptoLondoner. I'm also on a side-quest to convert my wife to all things web3, and I think that being able to bring her along to an IRL minting experience would be an ideal gateway drug. :)


Craig M.

Software engineer by trade with a keen interest on combining tech and art with NFT tech. Looking for like minded people to workshop ideas and build things.


Claire N.

I have been in crypto since 2018 and NFTs since late 2020. My main love in the space is generative art, and art with an irl experience attached, so I already love Bright Moments! I discovered it through Justin Aversano and JJ at Quantum, also Mikey Woodbridge was super helpful with all my BM questions! I am, literally, a CryptoLondoner (although I’ve moved out to the wilds of Suffolk), and would love to contribute to, and invest in, the London Bright Moments community


Phil L.

Originally from Wales, I've been getting into the NFT space over the past few months, which included a visit to NFT Art Berlin. Now that bright moments is in the UK, I'd love to get a CryptoLondoner, as this is my home country and it will also increase my DAO participation.


Hannah C.

Hi, I am the OVERLORD, I am looking forward to a month of Bright Moments events in London. I am especially interested in the theatrical immersive experience aspect of IRL NFT events, future voting protocols and speaking more about my own art. After going to the meet-ups in London, I already am so grateful for the amazing people who show up there and my POAP token. Building safe communities and creating more education within web3 is my goal.


Andrew Q.

I am interested in joining Bright Moments DAO as I want to join a local network of Web3 advocates that I can learn from whilst also teach to improve the ecosystem together!

For me, this breaks down into three areas:

  • Learning while Coaching: Looking to further my understanding of Web3 technologies, while also educating people on how best to launch businesses, projects and product being a VP Product in a global B2C business.

  • Collecting and Admiring Art: I love taking photos with my DLSR and my Drone, and love creating art myself, as a voxel artist (hence the alias), like a Sandbox Game creator and artist. I also love to collect 2D and 3D animations that speak to my soul that are playful, compelling and fun.

  • NFT Game Economics: I also have a passion for gaming, and am now just learning about how game mechanics influence human behaviour, in PVP and PVE games based on NFTs. I am now invested into a couple of games (Metroverse, for example) and can't wait to explore this more with people within the Bright Moments community as well!

As a VP Product of a B2C Mobile Tech company that has scaled from 500 to 2000 people in a year, I am sure I can help artists and project owners know the basics for launching a sustainable business or project based on NFTs or blockchain technologies. Would love to mentor and coach if this opportunity exists within the Bright Moments community.


Martin Y.

Hello everyone, London-based psychotherapist here. I started out in crypto in 2017: I put £200 into bitcoin, tripled it and withdrew my earnings exclaiming ""I beat crypto!"" then left the space for 3+ years. That kid had a lot to learn ey... But hey, now I'm here for good (permanently) and for THE good - for the philosophy and to help make the world a better place. To do this I'm focusing on mental health.

I have a master's in psychology and weekdays I work as a therapist in the National Health Service (NHS). Famously the NHS is in the news here every year because our pay rise is never more than the rate of inflation, which becomes a huge political furore. I side with those that want to keep our free public healthcare but it just isn't sustainable at the level we're being funded by the government. I don't see the NHS succeeding in its current form.

Enter web3! Honestly we have so much potential to build a bottom-up system of running this world which prioritises art, family, love and friendship. Such powerful healers that would never be prioritised in the old system but can easily become our focus as a community and then spread out from there

If I'm accepted into Bright Moments then, as much as I can, I will champion this message and fight for better mental healthcare in the UK.


Abigail M.

I am the Associate Curator and Art Advisor at Institut- a new NFT platform focusing on bridging the traditional art world and Web3. Before transitioning into the art world, I graduated with degrees in Blockchain Security focusing on Terrorism and Nuclear Non-proliferation and worked in Defi since 2014. I hold a Master’s from Courtauld Institute of Art and has worked with various auction houses, museums, and private collections based in Eastern Europe, London, and the United States.

I first met Bright Moments in Art Dubai and have been obsessed ever since and love the amazing curation being done and events with artists like Operator. I would love to join here in London and fully be part of the DAO. Community, curation, and building are the most important aspects in the NFT ecosystem for me and I believe Bright Moments embodies these values.


Alex L.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Gentlefolk, CryptoGalacticans, CryptoVenetians, CryptoNewYorker, CryptoBerliner and every Anon-Degen reading this: GM! I’m Alex.

Working as a Product and Community leader in web2 by day. Going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole in web3 by night. I helped built and scale a social app from zero to several million active users. I love meditation, books and techno music! Bright Moments caught my interest through its focus on building local communities and creating IRL events. I am a huge believer in creating shared experiences and real life connections to build thriving and sustainable communities. I was blown away when I experienced the magic of it for the first time in April in Berlin’s Kraftwerk and knew that I have to join BM! Through London meetups, I realized that the city is probably the web3 frontier of Europe. Most people I met made the full-time jump to web3 and were working on impressive projects. This inspired me, and becoming a part of this community is my core motivation to become a CryptoLondoner. I believe I can learn a lot while also contributing through my decade long experience with communities.


Mimi N.

Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and Imperial College London - we run two blockchain labs researching web3 and educating students about blockchain and NFT. I think the DAO is doing a fantastic job of promoting good art in the space!


Jen C.

I know Bright Moments from Berlin, but unfortunately, I am not a CryptoBerliner. I am amazed by the love that the team put into the Berlin event and the atmosphere they created. Every single detail. Professionally, I am a content marketer with a Ukrainian background, living in Berlin and spending a lot of time in London. I am currently learning about web3 and I believe that being a part of Bright Moments DAO would help me accelerate my learning path.

Out of all communities I considered joining, Bright Moments is the best cultural fit for me: I spend a lot of time with music and art. I love traveling the world while meeting people and learning about new cultures. Bright Moments reflects all these components. Most importantly, the real life experience in Berlin made web3 very tangible and perceptible. Since I am in the beginning of my web3 journey, it helps a lot in my search for answers.


Wlad P.

Hey everyone! I studied and worked in London a few years ago. Then moved to Berlin for the vibes, music, art and tech. When Bright Moments came to Berlin, I fell in love with the IRL experience at Kraftwerk. I wanted to be part of as many future Bright Moments experiences as possible, so when I heard about the meet-ups in London, it was a no-brainer to spend time with the London community. I visit London frequently, but only through Bright Moments did I realise that the wider London NFT community is much more advanced than in Berlin. That's why I would like to become a member of the London subDAO. I believe that I can contribute a lot to the London subDAO, as well as bring a lot of knowledge across to Berlin and to my own DAO project.


Ashumi S.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative, producer, metaverse and NFT alchemist. Passionate about bridging creative with technology and bringing more women into Web3.


Raam C.

I work for a blockchain consultancy in London helping onboard web2 clients into web3. I am also part of a few daos on the side that are trying to enable fan ownership of sports teams. I am now looking to expand my network of crypto and DAO enthusiasts in London!


Glaslu G.

I fell in love with web3.0 and the NFT space in June 2021 minting my first Art Blocks piece (Century by Casey Reas) when Art Blocks still had open projects on their website to browse. The one project I really wanted but couldn't get my hands on was CryptoVenetians - the first unofficial AB PFP until Sea Hams a few weeks later became the meme. I'm based in London so traveling to CA was not an option with my heavily pregnant wife at the time. That's why I was very excited to hear about the CryptoBerliner mint and convinced my friend to mint one and take me with him through the experience on Facetime. Now of course even more excited about Bright Moments coming to London!

Since last summer, I ventured deeper into the NFT space, spending at least 3-4 hours per day next to my IRL job in various discords, from P2E games like Ether Orcs over alpha groups like MVHQ & Origins to blue chips like Moonbirds and of course still in many generative art projects, e.g. Gen.Art, Hirst's Currency or the SquiggleDAO. I'm also running my own small discord server where I onboard friends into the space. Earlier this year, I started consulting projects on launch mechanisms and partnerships and have recently teamed up with a passionate London based artist to help him make his dream NFT project come to live.

But even though I've been living and breathing NFTs for almost a year every single day, the Bright Moments meet up in London 2 weeks ago was the very first time I've met like-minded people in the flesh - with a newborn I just haven't had the chance - and I loved every minute of it. It's still hard for me to get out of baby duties in the evenings but I already look forward to many more events! Finally, IRL I work as a Biz Dev director for a series D start-up in London, am originally from Germany and married to a Brazilian from Rio - CryptoCarioca next? :)


Marnie M.

I am a student born and raised in London, currently undertaking a history of art degree at UCL. I have never owned or used cryptocurrency however I’m fascinated by NFTs, and would love to learn more about them and explore the potential of crypto art. During my degree the focus on digital art work has been largely neglected, by joining Bright Moments I hope to find out more about it and engage with artists who have created NFTs, as well as minting a CryptoLondoner NFT.


Lilly M.

I’m very new to NFTs but have been learning so much by coming to Bright Moments meetups in London. I live in London and have been curious about web3 and NFTs for a while now, but quite intimidated to ask questions, so I’m very happy to have found such kind people to learn from. My background is in music, I’m also passionate about photography and visual arts. Really hope to become part of CryptoCitizens family.


Cat S.

I’m a student at the College of North West London. I got into NFTs recently and have been obsessed ever since. Been hanging out on Twitter Spaces learning from everyone. A good friend of mine told me to come to a Thursday meetup and I did! and I’m so excited to have this opportunity to be nominated to become a CryptoLondoner.


Nadia H.

Hello, I’m Nadia, I work in Berlin and London as a model and I study health psychology. A few months ago, I started to be super interested in crypto and NFTs and since then I love learning and getting more information and Know How about Crypto and especially about NFTs. In Berlin I met Irina (who I am very thankful for), because she introduced me to the whole world of Bright Moments and the Cryptocitizens.

What I really like about this project is: showing people at exhibitions that NFTs can be 'real' art and building a worldwide community . Especially nowadays where many people feel separated and torn away from others, I think it is more important than ever to have a strong community which is based on decentralized blockchain NFTs. I want to be part of sustaining, growing and building this community of Cryptolondoners (Cryptocitiziens) and, of course, bring new ideas which can help it. In Berlin, I got to experience for the first time this amazing energy, openness and curiosity everyone had. Giving me the opportunity to be part of the DAO and being able to vote and connect with people I just see as an amazing blessing. I would love to get taught new things by other engaged people and I want to take part in the creation of a future.



I'm a Photographer and Musician based in London, UK. I grew up originally in the North of UK, near to Manchester. I've spent my life in corporate jobs whilst pursuing my creative passions outside of work. It was only during the first covid lockdown whereby I decided that life really is short and that I must focus full-time on my artistic endeavours. Shortly after, I discovered the NFT Space and have been blown away by the community spirit of it all and especially how the value is truly being put back onto the artist. It's finally given me a solid output for my work and shifting the paradigm to give us the power back.

I would love to join Bright Moments as you are all truly showing a commitment to the long-term future of the project and making it a genuine world community. I feel I represent a large sub-section of the London population of being that 'struggling artist'. I hope to join you on your journey."


Monika L.

I learned about what is an NFT from Claire and Irina. As an artist I understand that it can revolutionise how I access a customer base and how royalties are paid. I'm interested to learn more about this and attend the gallery again in coming weeks. My Twitter and Discord are brand new today so you probably can't tell much information from them. I have an Instagram, please look @monilyubomirova.


Naomi R.

I am a London based Art Director + Senior Creative working in the areas of luxury, fashion, beauty, youth (Gen Z + Millennials) and culture.

I’ve been a collector and community builder within web3 + NFTs over the past year and a half. I would like to join the Bright Moments DAO and be a CryptoLondoner to bring more attention to the space and contribute to building more initiatives in my hometown city."


Mike N.

Living in and around East London, I’ve been into crypto for 2 years and NFTs for the last year. I’m a film music composer by trade which tends to be a fairly solitary studio existence - I love the immediate community NFTs has brought.


Chris J.

Civil engineer by trade and been in the crypto ecosystem since 2017. I've familiarized myself with blockchain technology, different chains and NFTs, having created some of my own. I'm in the process of porting my current skills to work within the crypto industry. I'd like to join the Bright Moments DAO to contribute to the local London NFT community and meet others in the space.


Nick A.

I’m the founder of FactoryDAO, a DAO that builds DAOs and web3 infrastructure. I’m an academic by background and have been working full time in web3 for two years. I’m interested in the intersection between art, crypto economics and decentralised governance, and Bright Moments DAO ticks those boxes.


Henrik P

I went to your meetup and you seem to be a chill bunch of people.I've been doing crypto for a few years and am an active participant in a few DAOs. Most recently, with PACDAO, I organised & authored an action aimed at influencing EU politicians on crypto regulation, and in reward users received an NFT. I also work in the sector & and am attending most crypto events in London.


Melanie D.

I’m a Londoner, I was a real estate consultant, turned marketer and finally joined web3 last year when I transitioned into marketing for web3- I love the space and think this is a great way to build community, I also love the NFTs from bright moments and love the city connections being forged


Y. S

I founded the first ever street art fair in London in 2010 and in 2014 the entire fair accepted Bitcoin as payment. The fair that year was themed around the benefits of the digital currency.


Eulan T.

Eulan is translated in Chinese is the character for London. I am London born and bred and its even in my name. I think I must be web3 as I never take profile photos of myself. I like this project because maybe I should be a minted as a CryptoLondoner character


Simon E.

Passionate about learning, start-ups, tech, and entrepreneurship, but most importantly working with great people to make the world a better place. I believe there is no substitute for hard work (and a little luck) and love finding new ways to solve old problems. Currently, I devote all my energy to SmartWage, an African technology company I co-founded that is making HR & Communication easier for deskless workforces by connecting employees to their organisations so that both parties can thrive. We have an audacious vision which I am very excited about. Building SmartWage is a dream come true, and we've been lucky enough to assemble an incredible team that I'm positive will continue to turn the dream into reality. With a background in Accounting & Finance, I’ve spent most of the last 8 years working within small companies & start-ups to influence their growth and trajectory, and have learnt a lot of hard lessons along the way. I always ask why and am curious about why things work as they do. I take huge satisfaction in helping people (clients, colleagues, peers, friends, and family) achieve their goals and devote my energies to this end. Personally, I am outgoing and ambitious and hold my friends in high regard. I have a generous nature, a good sense of humour, love being outdoors and exercising, and play multiple sports socially.


Declan A.

currently working in boring Web2 finance and have take a massive interest in crypto and NFT’s and am desperately trying to grow my network and community. Being part of BM DAO and CryptoLondoner seems to be a great step in the right direction.


Justin L.

I’m Justin, working in emerging finance at EY and starting to see a lot of interest in the space and so I wanted to try and get involved in a community and I had a friend recommend I come to one of the bright moment events and try build a network and get to know some people. I think it’s a great way to start and I’m very excited to grow and expand my knowledge


Celso Z.

I’m Celso, a newbie into NFT’s but super keen to be part of a strong community where I can learn and be engaged and engaging. I love this idea and am so looking forward to growing my NFT community and knowledge


Kenny S.

I fucking love art


Marco C.

I have a background in engineering and architecture, and I am currently working as an artist and design engineer within a multidisciplinary collective (IPER-collettivo). My creative practice investigates the relationship between the territory and its communities, aiming to express my visions through socially engaging projects: a material representation of the traditions and the evolving ways of living. My studies in engineering fueled my passion for every form of innovation, either digital or physical, pushing me to integrate the use of emerging tools or innovative workflows into my day-to-day practice. I started to be actively interested in blockchain and digital art back in 2017, and I found in the NFT phenomenon the perfect match between technology and creativity, which has always been at the centre of my research. I like generative art and AI-driven composition, but I am always open to discovering new ways of expression, especially those that aim to bridge the gap between the typical blockchain audience and the wider public.In this sense, I got to know Bright Moments' work at the end of last year, and I particularly appreciate their successful attempts to expand the digital art conversation to the IRL world by creating communities and live events. I believe that art is communication and, perhaps, the most effective way of representing collective feelings and social mutations; therefore, it requires an active community. I would be honoured to be a CryptoLondoner and to give my contribution to this challenging and fascinating conversation.


Petrus B.

I have a background in traditional finance with a keen interest in crypto and web3. Excited to explore all the opportunities in the NFT space.


Shutong L.

I am an art historian by training and currently working for Institut, an NFT marketplace specialising in 1/1s. I manage the new platform migration & editorial. I met Kristi during an event in London, and was fascinated by the ideas behind the Bright Moments. I'd love to promote Bright Moment events in London to a bigger circle of my connections and help producing memorable events.


Robert E.

Im a 28-year-old Qualified Chartered Accountant with three years of experience in Financial Services at Deloitte London and I have spent the last 2 years founding two start-ups in the Fintech and Property industry. I am ambitious, active, competitive, confident, structured, and positive and I like to take action with an analytical approach. I have a passion for sports and exercise. I am currently looking to work in Web 3/Blockchain using sports as one of the most powerful community-based assets in the world and being able to expand and strengthen that community via new digital asset protocols.


Luke G.

I started out in crypto and then became captivated by NFTs. I founded the second NFT podcast back in 2019 (The NonFunGerbils Podcast). Since then I have been immersed in some of the most creative and eclectic communities, interviewed many of the key founders along the way and joined in with the building of and education in the NFT space. This project resonates with me, I love this idea of building a community, over time, in person and around the world. I would like to be involved and look forward to seeing how it develops.


Kevin S.

Long term technology enthusiast, socialist, optimist and Dad. Am curious to find where this path leads.


Julian M.

I am a creative running a small boutique design company in London. Studies classic fine art, then moved into graphic and motion design and now working with mainly airlines creating content, branding and new creative ideas for onboarding new customers. Safety videos are a part of this as well. Clients such as Swiss, Etihad, Lufthansa etc. I see Blockchain and nfts as an essential step for then to innovate, however, they need a little bit more time to realise it :)


Dion W.

I am a research scientist interested in Blockchain, cryptography and NFT's. I was formally a lecturer and PhD student at a university and now working at Cryptograph (early NFT project that works with celebrities and icons) as business intelligence and community manager. Very interested in meeting people at the DAO and investigating way to change or enhance fundamental areas of the world.


Tom G.

I’m an AI engineer who studied at Oxford University. I am fascinated by Web3 and love the decentralised nature of where the world is going. I am extremely keen to bring my AI skills to help improve the blockchain and build cool new projects to enhance the entire ecosystem. Bright moments DAO is an incredible place and I can’t wait to explore more NFTs created in this DAO.


Adam L.

I am originally Syrian, started my career as an architect but then I shifted to banking sector after I moved to the UK. Currently I am working for HSBC as a business digital transformation analyst. I love art and technology, I find Bright moment is the perfect combination of both. My dream is to be part of the transformation of the traditional financial system and impact people’s lives.


Antonio M.

I am an art collector focused mainly on generative art. My collection spans older work from the 60s to date. I am an active member of Grailers DAO and seek to further the generative art space through my support of artists


Chana K aka Alice.

I have been in tech sector for last 12 years and founded/CEO of an EdTech non profit which developed high level apps and platforms for education. Got exposed to crypto in 2017 after reading satoshi s white paper and became a crypto OG. Got into DeFi in 2020 and felt there was an opportunity to link the institutional finance sector with crypto and launched Digital Wealth Fund- an FCA regulated DeFi fund in feb 2022. Got involved with NFT s last summer and am now deep in the rabbit hole . I think NFT s are going to be more powerful than crypto and are going to change the world! Am literally obsessed with getting more women into the space and started a women in web3 london group and am now launching my second fund that will be exclusively focused on NFTs! LFG!!


Than K.

Hello, My name is Than. I'm from Burma originally but London has been home for the past 15 years. I run a boutique marketing consultancy working with luxury fashion & lifestyle brands, and I am a web3 optimist. I'm currently involved in a number of web3 education and community projects including the NFTUK. I also publish a weekly web3 newsletter Keen to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals as part of the Bright Moments community!


Masha G.

I’m keen to explore social and cultural impact of NFTs and digital art and how it can be harnessed to make a difference in the world.


David K.

Software engineer in fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Genuine interest and knowledge of Generative Art. Interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


Shamrock ☘️

Hi all - I'm Shamrock from London. My background is in the world of startups (operator, founder and investor) but have been immersed in the world of web3 for over a year now. I'm particularly fascinated by the intersection of digital and physical and quickly became a big fan of Bright Moments and the communities work. I'm also passionate about generative art and i'm an avid collector across both Ethereum and Tezos. I'm also working on a generative art documentary with the Creative Director of the BBC as a side passion project. I'm an active member of Grailers DAO and was recently voted onto the Curation Committee for their inaugural drop. I also co-founded and help with the day-to-day running of a generalist NFT DAO in the UK called UpsideDAO. I'd love to join the DAO and become a CryptoLondoner and play an active role in helping to introduce more Londoners to this awesome community and enable them to experience and explore the digital art that I love so much!


Arnold A.

I am a software engineer by trade and have started to make the transition into "WebX". I am interested in emergent communities and exploring how new technology can foster sustainable micro-communities. I am looking to join the community to work with people who are interested in showcasing NFTs using novel curation methods and generally meet like minded enthusiasts.


Simon C.

Photographer, painter all round creative. 30 years commercial work solving visual briefs. Now making NFTs in photography ‘The West’ and abstract paintings on Known Origin and Foundation. I love to work on breakthrough ideas and projects.


Mateo D.

Founder of degenerarte, dr, nft uk staple, in the crypto scene for a while holder of vfs clonexs etc


Simon L.

I am from Chinese BAYC community. I am a full time NFT collector


Alexey T.

Crypto Enthusiast since 2017, NFT JAGERS Community Manager. Developing First Metaverse Play to Earn Adventure Board Game NFT JAGERS. Art Lover. Angel Investor in P2E and DEFI crypto projects. Developing tokenomics and financial Strategies for crypto and NFT projects.


Nathan B.

I’m grumpy and closed yet energetic and open :) I learned about Bright moments from Irina.

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