Community Nominations Round 3



Christopher J.

Hi. I’m Chris. Originally from Canada but been in London for over 10 years. I love London and have made it my home. I think there is no place in the world has so many different people. You can meet artists, history, and tech all in the same place. Myself I’m in tech and love new things. I grew up with Lego and building and making things. I love web3 because it is a way to imagine how the world could be and bring together a community of like minded people. I got into NFTs Christmas of the lockdown where I convinced my gf that a cryptopunk was a good joint present. Ever since then I was hooked. I’m a founding member of Cryptoclub London and collect everything from land to Meebits. If I were to be voted in as a member I would advocate for the community and be inclusive all members. Let’s create a better world where we all a have voice.


Viviana B.

Ever since NFTs came out I was instantly hooked. The value they bring to both creators and consumers is immense. Bright Moments DAO is a game changer. Hybrid life digital NFT experiences are where the world is moving at. I want to be part of this movement and do my part in connecting artists, humans amd technology to create the future of art, by the people.


Matthew D.

Bright moments has brought NFTs and the crypto community to life for me since attending their meet-ups and galleries. The experience and community have revealed another side of crypto, the people. I look forward to meeting more people and future events!


Carlota D.

Hello! I am interested in joining Bright Moments DAO because I find the model you have achieved within Web3 really fascinating and would love to be a part of it! I feel like there is a lot of potential for collaboration and synergy with the company I work for and started since its inception. I am a Director at Superblue and we are dedicated to finding business models to support the leading artists in experience-based art. We represent artists including James Turrell, teamLab, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, DRIFT, JR, among many others. I am passionate about the Web3 space and currently spearheading the Web3 strategy for Superblue. I am also committed to growing the community within London :)


Janik J.

Belgian born, London local and hopefully soon Cryptolondoner. Love the soho space and am keen to see all the new art being created these next few weeks! Look forward to connect with artists and anyone else in the community with an interesting story to share. ✌🏼


Anastasiia O.

Young and beautiful, passionate florist from London and just recently started to mint NFTs, can’t wait to share everything about flowers to Londoners


Christina G.

Hi! I’m an art director and founder of an art platform where we plan to feature many generative artists.


Tetsuya S.

I'd like to have great relationship with people in London.


Aitore J.

I am from London who is interested in crypto community and will be grateful for vote.


Roland S.

Work as a creative marketer for Outlier Ventures, a London based web3 VC. Attend local crypto events and would love to take part in the community and governance of Bright Moments DAO


Deniz B.

Fillmmaker, Web 3.0 buidler, digital artist with an astronautical engineering background.


Alex S.

Enjoying collecting, minting. OG on Near chain, Londoner by heart. Can’t wait to join bright moments dao


Svetlana B.

Art addicted crypto girl


Masato K.

Hi, I’m Masa, a London-based researcher and artist from Tokyo. I’ve been in the NFT space since autumn 2021. Currently, I work as a community mod for, a gallery-led NFT platform focusing on contemporary artists and blockchain technology. As a researcher, my PhD was on the live audiovisual performance of digital music. Now I aim to expand my research into NFTs and NFT art, mainly around exciting and new approaches using the technology. As an artist, I have been working on the theme of sex and relationship norms (polyamory, sexual desire and sex work, for example). I am slowly preparing an NFT art collection about female sex positivity using photography and text. With the collection, I want to build a safe community where people can talk about sex and relationship free from normatively. My newest interests are tantra and tantric massage, and I signed up for an online tantra yoga school. I love the idea of Bright Moments DAO, where people can connect remotely and locally through quality NFTs and NFT art. I am eager to contribute to the community, make new friends, help other members, and collaborate when appropriate. If you ever launch CryptoCitizens in Tokyo or Kyoto, I am more than happy to fly back to Japan to help 🙂


John R.

8 years scaling bootstrapped D2C brands to 7 figures. Cat enthusiast, Londoneeeeeer


Sergey E.

Builder, Project Creator and Multi-chain surfer

Londoner in heart, WEB3 since last Summer.

Started my NFT journey with building decentralised lending protocol / NFT collection on Solana last year, and deep dived into multiple communities over months. WEB3 is my second home now. Part of SMB, Yogg DAO on SOL and happy to join CryptoLondoners to contribute and be part of the community. Max bidding.


Sebastian I.

Hi my name is Sebastian and I'm an avid NFT enthusiast. I have good friends that had the pleasure of minting CryptoBerliners earlier this year and I visited the Bright Moments Gallery in SoHo during NFT.NYC which ensured me even more of wanting to become a CryptoLondoner and joining the DAO. Nobody combines real-life events with intriguing and fun NFTs in the way Bright Moments does, so I'm super bullish on the future and want to be an active part in that!


Stella L.

I’m from London and is one of the early ape owners and I love the NFT community. I want to be a cryptocitizen


Shirrin T.

With a pakistanian background, I know about the power of communities in London and how a diverse & inclusive community can have immense benefits for the people. I feel that Bright Moments is building such a community and I would be happy to be part of it.


Kara L.

aspiring degen lol so happy to have met such lovely people at the meetups, and hope I can continue being part of this community! would really appreciate your votes!


Dodo S.

met the team at Proof of People, love learning about Bright Moments during the panel. I’m quite new to NFTs, only collected on Tezos so far, so this would be my first NFT on Ethereum. Excited to participate in the local meetups!


Yutong Y.

I am UK OG bayc owner. Really enjoy the NFT community.


Andre D.

My name is Andre (Decolife), I was born in Brazil and spent most of my childhood drawing keeping them as a personal diary. As a teenager I fell in love with street art and skateboard, I got arrested a few times for graffiti and started exhibiting my art in art galleries in Sao Paulo. In 2010 I decided to leave the country and have an adventure around the main capitals in Europe visiting museums and selling my art to buy food, transport, and accommodation. I was homeless in 2013 and got deported from the UK, in that same year I moved to Istanbul where I had my first international solo exhibition. After a year I got married in Romania and moved to London where we are based since. I started taking part in group and solo exhibitions, performance art, art fairs, and also street art events. In early 2022 I realized the impact of NFTs in our world and decided to start my own 1/1 NFT art collection hand drawn on iPad released almost 4 months ago on OS inspired by my journey, I also started supporting other NFT projects, taking part in communities, collecting from other projects & artists. I've been working hard to expand and continue evolving in arts and in life.


Tom F.

NFT journalist for Cointelegraph & creative writer from London. @tomfarrencrypto on Twitter.


Simon S.

Love web3. Building On the blockchain and changing the world


BlockChain Bunny

I’m an OG web1/2/3 crypto degen


Joyce W.

I serve tea for you guys :)Joe


Joe M.

Journalist and author working in the blockchain space at a leading bitcoin exchange.


Georg B.

I am a NFT collector, curator and advisor. I am finally making it to a Bright Moments events and want to become member of the community.


Sophi G.

I'm an eco-digital artist working at the intersection of botany and generative art as well as making other code, video and installation art. I'm new to the NFT world and am looking for community and safe spaces to translate the communications I find in nature into the digital realm. Find out more about me at . I'm really excited to connect more in the Bright Moments community as everyone so far has been so friendly and open especially compared to the wider art scene. I feel like I could contribute some interesting work and alt ideas/ skills. RE building the CryptoLondoner scene I've worked in autonomous networks, events and activism in the past and so perhaps my experience can contribute something also too.


Modupe L.

I’m a designer intreated in digital space


Tasha B.

I am co-organiser of ETH LDN. Love helping build communities and being apart of the many fabulous communities in London.


Richard G.

Nft collector and maker, enjoyadooor of the Bright moments so far :)))


Alastair W.

Founder of The Other Songs (label, publishing, management), CEO of Songchain (character and song creation), Trustee of The BRIT School


Robin J.

I am head of NFT strategy at Outlier Ventures, I built and lead the NFT team working with multiple founders through our many accelerator programs - for Polygon, Filecoin, PolkaDot, Hadera etc I am Uk born and bred but prior to web3 I headed up a family office in Nigeria for 5 years.


Ali M.

"My educational background is in Computer science and currently working in financial consulting. DeFi was of high interest to me and see it as a generational opportunity - not from a speculative perspective but more akin to the birth of the internet or various past industrial revolutions.

This interest introduced me to the power of the blockchain and therefore, my interest expanded to NFTs. Particularly attracted by the unique styles, and a better ""deal"" for the artist.

I am passionate about art, design and photography - spending my spare time working on my own art. However, I am a NOOB with NFTs in my knowledge and find the space daunting, I hope to join the DAO to learn from experienced people. Attending the recent CryptoLondoner minting event on 2nd of July everyone was so friendly it gave me another reason to want to join.

One day soon I hope to contribute to the space in a meaningful way, I am currently learning about generative art and wish to combine my photography with coding skills."


Ana-Maria Y.

I have been part of web3 community in London for over 5 years now. I’ve dedicated the past years in supporting early stage teams and community both personally and professionally through heading up the investment team at Outlier Ventures. To date I’ve invested in and supported over 150 teams. It’ll be great to be part of the CryptoLondoners as there’s a growing web3 community locally and I’d love to find new ways to support everyone joining us.


Holly W.

Head of artist relationships at Rarible


Cosmo L.

I’ve been in the NFT scene now for a couple of years having spent my previous years involved in the traditional art space as well as investing in crypto. I saw NFTs as the perfect marriage between my two passions of culture and technology. I don’t believe we’ve seen a technology so disruptive to the traditional art world before, so I’ve not looked back since. I’m currently project managing and leading the research on a major NFT publication with pioneering artist Robert Alice, the first artist to sell an NFT at a major auction house, with the worlds leading art publisher, Taschen, publishing to book. It features a Co-curated selection of the top artists and projects in the space, along with 9 essays ranging from Avatars to DAOs, as well as Generative Art and Crypto Art. Given that decentralisation and community sit at the heart of the NFT and crypto community, we have been able to include over 250 stakeholders in the project, from artists, curators, critics, collectors, and many more. It will be sold as a collectors ‘SUMO’ in an edition of 10,000 along with a trade copy starting at 100,000. I would hope to bring everything I’ve learnt to Bright Moments, I’ve been an avid attendee at many of the events in London thus far and would love to play more of an active role. I think we have a real opportunity to improve London’s NFT scene through IRL meet ups and regular exhibitions - I feel that with my network and experience I could help realise this, along with all of the other wonderful and interesting members.


John C.

I work for Deloitte, specifically leading its Metaverse/Web3 lab and experimentation space. I am interested in joining this DAO to meet others in the space, contribute towards growing it in London, and helping onboard others using my experience, drive and passion for it.


Martina M.

I have a traditional art background and whilst I am all about impasto and brushstrokes when I came across digital art I thought to myself: “I know nothing about it, but damn it’s good”. So now I am desperately trying to start up my collection and kick starting with what speaks to me. Also, I’ve been in London for the past 4 years, I don’t care what Brexit says, I am a Londoner :)


Premala M.

My trajectory is Finance > Art Market > Web3 Collectibles + Venture. Love what Bright Moments is doing and would love to support!


Vidhi G.

friend of boreta



Gmeow-er, DAOer Marketer Chief Vibes Officer

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