GTMX Sale: Brightlist Etherscan Instructions

  1. Go to the MarketPlace Mint Pass smart contract here

  2. Click "Connect to Web3" to connect your wallet

  3. Find write function #2 "MarketplacePurchaseBrightList"; expand the menu

  4. Where it says payableAmount (ether), manually enter the ETH price: 3

  5. Where it says SaleIndex (unit256), manually enter the Sale Index #. For GTMX the number is 18.

  6. Where it says Amount (unit256), manually enter the number 1.

  7. Open this spreadsheet to find the BrightList merkle Proof

    1. NOTE: The proofs required for each pre-sale stage are different and can be found in different tabs. If you wish to purchase in both Full Set and CryptoCitizen pre-sale windows, you will need to find the corresponding proof, even if minting from the same wallet.

    2. Locate your BrightListed wallet address via a Ctrl+F or equivalent. Find the merkle Proof in the adjacent column -- it is a long string of text.

  8. Select and Copy the ENTIRE merkle Proof in the adjacent column to your wallet address

  9. Paste the copied Proof into the "Proof" tab where is says Proof (bytes32[])

  10. Click the "Write" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet

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