CryptoCitizens are an onchain generative portrait series designed by Qian Qian. Holders of CryptoCitizens are members of the Bright Moments DAO and are granted governance rights and the ability to vote on key proposals.

CryptoCitizens were originally minted for free in Venice Beach, California and have gone on to create communities in cities around the world, including New York, Berlin, London, CDMX, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Paris, and Venezia, Italy.

CryptoCitizens are minted on two contracts. The first contract is the Artblocks V1 contract, and the second contract is an Artblocks Engine contract specifically for CryptoCitizens.

Each city has 4 backgrounds, and there are a few collection tiers. Each tier has different benefits, such as different discount levels in artwork and mint pass auctions.

CryptoCitizen: one single CryptoCitizen from any city

Full Set: one CryptoCitizen from every city

Ultra Full Set: four CryptoCitizens, with unique backgrounds, from every city

The collection is available on OpenSea and more information can be read via Mirror

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