Hashmark Delegation

Holders of IRL Hashmark mint passes (token ID 50 - 99) are able to assign a delegate to attend on their behalf. There are two types of delegation:

  • Full Custody: Delegate is responsible for taking custody of the piece and delivering it to the owner.

  • Ceremonial: Delegate is attending the trip, but does not take custody of the piece or make a selection during ceremony. Hashmark mint pass holder is responsible for scheduling an IRL pickup location at a local Bright Moments gallery after the conclusion of the event.

Delegation Process

  1. Complete the IRL attendance form and check the box stating "Sending a delegate" and provide their contact information and arrival time

  1. Visit https://app.brightmoments.io/upcoming and connect your wallet holding the Hashmark

  1. If your delegate is responsible for taking custody of the item and delivering it to you (Full Custody), leave the box "Minting Remotely" unchecked and hit "Schedule"

  2. If your delegate is not taking custody of the piece (Ceremonial), and you instead wish to have it delivered to one of our local galleries, hit "Minting Remotely" and select a location from the dropdown

Please note: if you send a delegate that is not taking custody of the piece, you will be able to choose a Hashmark from the options available at the gallery at pickup time.

  1. Once you have scheduled your Delegation type, please visit https://app.brightmoments.io and take a screenshot of your QR code. Provide this screenshot to your delegate to present upon arrival in Buenos Aires.

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