Nominations Details about the GTNY nomination process and CryptoCitizen voting privileges

Voting Criteria

Here are the guidelines we recommend considering when placing your vote:

  • Nominee must be able to physically visit the NFT Art Berlin presented by Bright Moments between April 6 - 23.

  • Nominee should be interested in learning more about crypto, even if they have never used or owned cryptocurrency in the past

  • Nominee should be willing to engage in the community after minting, including participating in governance votes, coming to physical events, or joining in the discussion via Discord

  • Nominee demonstrates our CryptoCitizen virtues: courage, empathy, curiosity, creativity, patience

How Voting Works

A snapshot of CryptoCitizen holders will be taken once the nomination form has closed.

You must vote using the wallet holding the CryptoCitizen. Your voting power is proportional to the number of CryptoCitizens held.

Voting Rules

  • 5 votes per CryptoCitizen

  • Due to a technical reason, CryptoGalacticans are not included in this vote (they are on a different smart contract and mirror only supports 1 contract at a time for voting)

  • Nominees must receive at least 10 votes to be considered "sponsored" to receive a GTBR.

  • Any nominee who already has a GTBR will be disqualified.

  • If your nominee wins, and you have not already received a GTBR through a giveaway, you are also eligible to receive a GTBR

  • Any nominations provided without valid contact information or ETH address are disqualified.

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