Getting Started

  1. Initial Setup:

  • Install the iOS and macOS clients on your devices.

  • Ensure your wallet is added to the admin list to use the screen display software. If your wallet has not yet been added, reach out to for access.

  • Visit and connect your wallet. You will be prompted to sign a transaction to authenticate with Sign-In With Ethereum (SIWE).

  • Once signed in, you will see Playlists and Displays tabs on the left side of the profile page.

  1. Creating Locations and Groups:

    • Go to the profile page and navigate to the "Displays" tab.

    • Create a new display (e.g., "My Living Room")

  2. Pairing Screens:

    • Upon creating a screen, a three word pairing phrase will be provided.

    • Open the Visions app on your laptop or MacOS device.

    • Within the Visions app, press command + N to open a new window, and enter the pairing phrase.

    • Confirm on the website that the new screen has been created. Look for the paired icon and the connected icon indicating successful pairing and readiness to receive a signal, respectively.

  3. Device Setup:

    • Open the iOS app and scan your authentication QR to pair located on your profile.

    • Scan the QR code using the iOS app installed via TestFlight to link your phone to the wallet address.

  4. Creating and Managing Playlists:

    • To create a new playlist, navigate to the playlist page, name the playlist (e.g., "Meridians"), and add a description.

    • Add items to the playlist by pasting OpenSea links; the software auto-populates data fields where possible, fill in any remaining necessary details.

    • Set item duration and add items to the playlist.

  5. Casting to Screen:

    • Select the screen you want to cast to.

    • Either play an individual item by pressing the Screen Play button or play the entire playlist by clicking the Play button at the top of the page.

Your NFTs should now be displayed on the selected screen, and you are all set to enjoy and manage your digital art collection through the software.

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