Metropolis Match


  1. Select pairs of diptychs within the 60 second time limit

  2. Each correct pairing is 1 point; each incorrect pairing is -1 point

  3. When the timer has expired, play again or submit your score on-chain

  4. Quote tweet the announcement tweet with your wallet address and score


  • The highest valid score as of 10a PT on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 will receive Mint #1

  • Cheating will result in disqualification

  • Valid entries must be submitted on-chain and as a quote tweet of the announcement tweet here

  • Bright Moments reserves the right to validate the winning score through a live test, where the winner will need to achieve some reasonable benchmark of their top score, as determined Bright Moments.

  • After conclusion of the play period, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact the winner (e.g. Twitter DM of the associated account). If we do not hear back prior to the Winner Announcement, we reserve the right to offer the prize to the next highest valid score.

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