Redeeming Mint Passes Using Gnosis

For Gnosis users, the process of redeeming Mint Passes and Golden Tokens through the website can be cumbersome. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for redeeming a Mint Pass or Golden Token through the Transaction Builder Gnosis Safe app.

The architecture of the Mint Passes and Live Mint contract is as follows:

The following addresses are associated with the smart contracts outlined in the diagram above:

ContractAddressArtist ID

Live Mint London



Nicolas Sassoon Mint Pass



Sputniko Mint Pass



Matt DesLauriers Mint Pass



Thomas Lin Pedersen Mint Pass



Emily Xie Mint Pass



Jeff Davis Mint Pass



Golden Token London




  1. Open the Gnosis Safe containing your Mint Passes or Golden Tokens

  2. Open the Transaction Builder app

3. For each type of Mint Pass or Golden Token you plan to redeem, paste the address from the table above into the "Enter address or ENS name" field. The ABI should auto-populate.

4. Select "Set Approval For All" in the Contract Method Selector and set the "Live Mint London" address as the operator. Ensure that approved is set to true

5. Add the transaction to your batch and repeat the process for as many Mint Passes or Golden Tokens that you hold. Note that if you hold two Mint Passes from the same artist, you only need to complete this once per artist (e.g. If you have two Nicolas Sassoon mint passes, you only need to Set Approval For All once, but if you have a Nicolas and a Sputniko, you will need to repeat it twice.

6. After Setting Approval for All on all of the Mint Pass or Golden Token smart contracts, enter the address of the Live Mint London contract into the top field. The ABI should auto-populate.

7. Select "Redeem Artist Pass" or "Redeem GT" if you are minting Mint Passes or Golden Tokens, respectively. Enter the following values into the fields:

  • ArtistID = See table above

  • TicketID = Mint Pass number held by wallet

  • TimeSlot = 99999999

  • Delegate = true

8. Add the transaction to the batch, and repeat for each Mint Pass held in the wallet. If you hold multiple Mint Passes, you will need to complete this for every distinct Mint Pass (e.g. if you have two Nicolas Sassoons you will need to do this once for each pass).

9. Once the batch is prepared, begin the transaction and confirm that there are no errors. If the Simulation in Gnosis passes, add the transaction to the queue.

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