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Mexico City Collection Sale

This page is the single source of truth regarding dates, eligibility, and tokenomics for the Mexico City collection sale.

Mexico City Collection Sale Mechanism

tl;dr: 10 artists sold using a blind Dutch Auction (DA) where the artists are only matched to their corresponding mint pass after the auction ends. To participate in the DA, you must hold at least 1 GTMX and a CryptoCitizen.


  • Starting price: 20 ETH (Mint Pass) | 200 ETH (Mint Pack)
  • Resting price: .5 ETH (Mint Pass) | 5 ETH (Mint Pack)
  • Price paid by Individual Mint Pass Buyers: Market Clearing sellout level or Resting price
  • Price paid by Mint Pack Buyers: Purchase Price at time of transaction confirmation
  • Auction Duration: 1 hour
  • Tokens sold: 517 Mint Passes, with 333 Mint Passes held in reserve for eligible buyers after the sale
  • Wallet Limiter: 2 Mint Passes per GTMX + CryptoCitizen held, or 1 Mint Pack per GTMX + full CryptoCitizen set held
  • Reserve: 1 Mint Pass will be held in reserve for each GTMX holder to claim after the sale at the DA sellout price. The right to purchase this will be distributed as a claimable option represented as an NFT. If the GTMX holder doesn’t claim the option within a certain time period, the ability to purchase is opened to others (e.g. other GTMX holders or Citizen holders).
  • At each price band, collectors can purchase a Mint Pass that is randomly selected from a blind assortment of 10 artists
  • There is also a button to purchase a Mint Pack for the cost of n artists * the current price band (e.g. if the price band is 1 ETH and there are 10 artists, the price of a mint pack is 10 ETH). This is the only scenario when purchasing buyer pays non-market clearing price.