Bright Moments

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Golden Token Berlin. How do I schedule my minting time?

All appointments to book CryptoBerlin are being handled through

What if I miss my appointment?

We understand that scheduling conflicts happen. If you have a scheduled appointment that you can no longer make, reach out to the Bright Moments team as soon as possible.
The best point of contact is: [email protected]

What happens to unclaimed GTBR tickets?

We are closing the reservations for in0person minting on April 22, 2022 with the final day of minting April 23, 2022.
If you are still holding a GTBR after April 22, 2022 and have not yet scheduled your CryptoBerliner minting appointment then your GTBR will not be considered valid and the Bright Moments team reserves the right to mint and distribute the corresponding CryptoBerliner.