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How to Import your Existing Metamask onto a Laptop/Desktop and Connect a Hardware Wallet to it

Importing your Metamaks wallet onto a laptop or desktop is quick and simple. This article will cover connecting both a Ledger or a Trezor wallet to your Metamask from a laptop/desktop so that you can securely transact with peace of mind that your NFTs and crypto are safe.
Importing Metamask
Step 1 Download Metamask onto your computer: Metamask is compatible with 4 browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave Browser. You will need one of those browsers to be able to use Metamask on a computer. Go to in your browser and click “download” in the top right. Download whichever version corresponds to your browser.
Step 2 Import account into Metamask: After you have downloaded your corresponding browser Metamask extension, we will need to import your account. You will need your seed phrase that you wrote down when you initially set up your Metamask. Open the Metamask extension in your browser, click “get started” then click “import wallet” and input your seed phrase and a password and click “import”. When inputting your seed phrase, make sure to include spaces or it will not work.
That’s it for importing your account onto a computer. See, crypto is easy! Now we will walk through how to connect a hardware wallet to your Metamask. The process is the same whether you have a Trezor or a Ledger. Just make sure your hardware wallet is set up and connected to your computer. If you have not set it up yet, simply follow the instructions that came with the wallet and then proceed.
Step 1: Unlock your Metamask with your password and click on the circular icon in the top right of Metamask.
Step 2: Select “connect hardware wallet” from the drop down menu.
Step 3: Select Trezor or Ledger, click connect and select the account that corresponds to your public address in your Ledger Live or Trezor Suite app.