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How to Set Up a Ledger Nano X

First off, congratulations on your new Ledger device and taking the initiative to properly secure your cryptoassets. Give yourself a pat on the back. Security is of the utmost importance in crypto and a Ledger is about as safe as you can get.
Setting up your Ledger hardware wallet is a breeze. This article will walk you through step by step on how to do this and properly secure your cryptoassets. All you will need to set up your device is a laptop/desktop and a pen. The rest will be in your Ledger box.

Unboxing your Ledger

Unboxing your Ledger is an exciting moment. There are quite a few things in that little box, however, don't be overwhelmed because you only need a few things to set it up and get started. All you need is your Ledger device, the wire to connect it to your computer and the seed phrase card.
Once you have your Ledger device, the wire, a pen and the seed phrase card, you are ready for action!

Download the Ledger Live app

From your computer, navigate to and download the version corresponding to your operating system. This software will enable you to manage your portfolio in an easy, user-friendly way.
Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your computer, you are ready to set up your Ledger device.

Using your Ledger device

Properly using your Ledger device is simple. The device has 2 buttons on it. Press the right button to scroll right and the left button to scroll left. Press both buttons at the same time to make a selection.

Creating a PIN and writing down your seed phrase

Before getting started, plug in your Ledger device to your computer so that you do not run out of battery.
Once your device is plugged in, there will be a number of prompts on the screen. Scroll right by pressing the right button until it reads "Set up as new device". Press both buttons simultaneously to select this. You will then be prompted to choose a 4-8 digit PIN. Press both buttons and set up your PIN.
Press the right and left buttons to scroll through numbers 0-9. Press both buttons simultaneously to select a number and move to the next digit. One you have set your PIN, find the check mark and press both buttons. You will then be prompted to confirm your PIN. Once confirmed, press both buttons on the check mark and move to the next step of writing down your seed phrase.

Writing down your seed phrase

This is the most important part of the entire process. Your seed phrase is more important than your PIN and is your last resort if you forget your PIN or lose your device. Your seed phrase will enable you to access and recover your funds so keep it in a very safe place and don't show it to anybody!
Once you have written down every word, you will be prompted to confirm your seed phrase word by word, in order. I know this may seem like a lot of work, however, is of the utmost importance. You can do it!
Once you have gone through each word and confirmed you have them all in the correct order, your seed phrase will be set and you may store the seed phrase card in a safe place. The Ledger box comes with multiple seed phrase cards so it is highly encouraged you make multiple copies and store them in different places to minimize the chances of you losing your crypto.
After you've set up and confirmed your seed phrase, your device is ready for use. Press the right button and select "Go to the dashboard" and you will be ready to install apps.

Download apps onto your Ledger

In order to store crypto on your Ledger, you need to install the corresponding apps onto it. You can do this through the Ledger Live app you've already installed on your computer. With your Ledger connected to your computer and the Ledger Live app open, click on the "Manager" tab on the left menu.
You will be prompted to allow the Ledger Live manager to interact with your device. Press both buttons simultaneously on your device to allow this. You will then be brought to a screen where you can download different apps onto your device. Select the corresponding app and click install. In this example I will be downloading and installing the Ethereum app and the process is the same for any other crypto you wish to store on your device.
Once the app has been installed on your device, it is ready to store your cryptoassets!

Add an account and send crypto/NFTs to your Ledger

Congratulations on setting up your Ledger! All that is left to do is load it up with crypto and NFTs. To do this, you will need your Ledger public key. To access this, you will need to add an account. Click "add account", open the app on your Ledger device, name the account and click "add account".
Open Ethereum app on device
Name your account
Once your account is set up, you will be able to see your public address. Click on your newly created Ethereum account and click "receive".
After you click receive you will be prompted to select an account and verify that the address in your Ledger Live app on your computer matches the address on your Ledger device. This is where you can copy your public address to be used to send crypto and NFTs to.
Select the account in Ledger Live
Verify addresses match on computer and Ledger device
Check out the article on how to send crypto/NFTs and how to use a block explorer to check the status of a transaction. When you create a new crypto account, you should ALWAYS send a small amount of crypto to it first and check that it arrived, then send the rest of your funds.