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How to Set Up an OpenSea Account

First off, congratulations on minting your CryptoNewYorker! You are officially now part of an all inclusive community of passionate NFT collectors. But how do you access the ever expanding world of NFTs and start buying and selling them? This article will explain just how to do that on the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.
Step 1: Navigate to in Metamask
Open and log into the Metamask app on your phone. In the top left you will see 3 lines. Click on it and a menu will appear. Choose “browser”.
The browser will appear and in the “Search or Type URL” field, type and press go.
Step 2: Set up an OpenSea Profile
Once you are on the OpenSea website, click on the 3 lines in the top right of the page. Select account, profile then Metamask when asked which wallet to connect. Press “connect” and your Opensea profile will be created. It’s that easy!
Step 3: Turn on email notifications
Now that we have set up your OpenSea account, it’s time to pair it with an email so that you know if someone makes an offer on or buys one of your NFTs. On your newly created profile page, select “settings” on the left. Scroll down and input the email you want to use for notifications. You will then need to verify your email by opening the email you receive from OpenSea and clicking the “verify my email” button.
And that’s it! Your OpenSea account is all set up and you are ready to buy, sell and trade NFTs! Check out our other articles for more information on how to list an NFT for sale.